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The billionaire property developer bragged about the “historic trip” he would soon be taking to Asia-Pacific countries in the White House cabinet room a couple of weeks ago.

While doing so, he turned his attentions towards the Philippines, saying: “You remember the Philippines - the last trip made by a president, that turned out to be not so good.

Don't expect a girl who did that kind of cheating to be nicer with you! The reason for that is simple: It's hard to be deceptive, and when someone's life is a lie, he cannot always find good excuses for everything.

She cannot keep track of all the lies she is saying because it is not possible for a normal human being. 5) Another sign that can help you see if the girl you are dating is having multiple boyfriends: She that make her mad/sad/depressed.

The relationship with the past administration was horrible, to use a nice word. Since he took office 16 months ago, police say they have killed 3,967 people.

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The pair were also said to have bonded over their mutual dislike of President Obama.

The world leader’s row with Obama was sparked by him telling reporters the president needed to respectful and refrain from asking about the extrajudicial killings. Son of a whore, I will curse you in that forum,” Mr Duterte said.

Angered by his remarks, Obama resorted to calling off the trip, and Mr Duterte was forced to later apologise.

Clearly, I understand the concept of privacy, but such behaviour is a clear indicator that your Indonesian girl is hiding something. If you believe that, then you can ask her about the previous men she was dating.

I remember my ex was very confuse about it: She was telling me about her Dutch guy with whom she had been for 3 years, her American guy she had dated for 2 and a half year, her German guy that she had loved for 4 years, etc.


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