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I often get asked what’s my type so I figure it’s along these lines: someone who is confident, a great sense of humour, caring and understanding, successful, and intelligent.And if Marcus Schenkenberg walked through the door….its game over.I have a sense of humour; a great imagination and can hold a conversation.I have been told by others on this wonderful site that I'm a good writer too....yay!The outfits in the photos are what I wear when out.I’m part Thai on my mum’s side (My grannie is Thai).the mayor maybe.....if not him then whoever has the keys to the castle......if not him……the town cryer….no, none around, then maybe......

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It makes you feel so alive and for sure is the walk on the wild side that many of us crave!!

I have a pretty face with good skin and fluttering eyes.

I have long legs and one very cute bottom, which appears to become public property when out in clubs.

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