Collapsiblepanelextender prevents updating Virtual date game

If you change your mind and want to allow updates to that device again, you can go back into Group Policy Editor and disable the policy.You’ll have to do this even if you just want to allow a one-time manual update of the drivers. If you disable the policy (or set it to “Not Configured”), all the hardware IDs you added to the policy will be deleted.You should get an error message when any new driver installation is attempted.Also, since the device is still registered, Windows Update may download new driver updates for the device.Back on the policy page, click OK to apply the policy change and then you can exit the Group Policy Editor.The only way to really test the new settings is by trying to install an updated driver or waiting for Windows Update to try.In the Show Contents window, you’ll add the hardware IDs for the device.You’ll need to add them one at a time, so just copy each ID from that text file you created earlier and paste it into the next available line in the “Value” column.

Your first step is finding the hardware IDs of the device for which you want to block updates. Hit Start, type “device manager,” and then press Enter or click the “Device Manager” entry.

Now that you have the right hardware IDs in hand, you’ll be using Group Policy Editor to make the changes.

Note again that you’ll need to be using a Windows Pro or Enterprise edition.

And if you’re collecting IDs for multiple devices, put them in different sections and label them so you can tell which IDs go with which device.

Save the text file so you can call it up in the future.


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