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I just loved the glamorous lifestyle and how beautiful they looked.I longed to be in a more adventurous career and becoming a model seemed to be a natural progression for me. I then met a very talented photographer who encouraged me to take some test shots and I was amazed at how the photos turned out!Not only do I have to research new outfits constantly, preparation is also the key as I prefer to do all my own hair, nails, tan and make-up.My attention to detail is very important but I find it a pleasure to do!My photographer who is a good friend of mine deals with a lot of the technical side of things, but once the images are ready its back over to me to prepare and schedule them for future updates in the members section.I also run all my own social networks, reply to all my own emails, update my website.Many of my fans had expressed an enormous interest in seeing more of me dressed in latex so I knew this is the way to go for the future.

For example, I have always had a big interest in health and nutrition.

I always had a creative flair and began my career path working in film, TV and fashion modelling as a hair stylist.

I admired the look that can be achieved on many models simply by the amazing styling of hair.

The look of many famous glamour models were a real inspiration to me, so my initial focus was on glamour modelling along with swimwear and occassional fitness modelling.

It was at this time when my official website went live. The initial members club contained most of my early shoots, latex fashion videos and a great way for fans to follow my work.


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