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' The new form of bullying is, of course, online which is the most cowardly thing you can do."Leading lesson: Power over others is weakness in disguise.

When she confronted him and asked if he had been smoking, he said, "No, no." He writes in the book: She raised her hand and slapped it hard across my cheek.

Caption: Shannon Elizabeth with ex-boyfriend Russell Simmons in 2014.

Unfortunately, sharing similarities was not enough for the couple to stay together because Shannon’s ex-husband Joseph also supported her by teaming up to rescue animals from an organization called ‘Animal Avengers.’ But their relationship came to an end too and Russell was spotted with a beautiful young lady in late 2015 on the Island of St Barts.

He smiles at the mirror-lined walls that seem to cry out for him to dance.

He doesn't immediately start leaping and twirling (nor does he pull us aside for a quick foxtrot, unfortunately), but he's happy to take a few airborne steps for photos and to share that a simple hip swivel is the easiest dance you can do.


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