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You first select which cameras you want to see clips for and then click on a thumbnail to start playing it.You can control the number/size of thumbnails and the time range with the controls at the bottom.Smart Search allows you search through recorded events looking for motion using a more specific part of the image than you may have chosen for recording. In the example below, I’m having it search for a any motion in the area of the grid I cleared.Clicking “Next” starts the search and stops at each point in the recordings that meet the search criteria. Instead of the Playback timeline, this shows clips as thumbnails.Essential adds support for up to 26 cameras, unlimited retention and email notifications.Essential costs for the first two cameras and per camera after that.As you drag the timeline, it will display video for all the cameras that were active at the time.Cameras that were not active at that point in time are grayed out.

I chose a 1 7 layout were one camera takes up the majority of the screen and 7 are shown as smaller.

Double click on the camera again to return to the previous multi-camera view. You can navigate in the zoomed in window by clicking on the arrows in e-PTZ control in the lower left of the image or move it around in the small window in the lower right.

You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out or draw a box of what you want to zoom in on, in my case the car across the street. Clicking on the Playback tab allows you to view the recordings that have been made.

You view your cameras and recordings using one of 3 XProtect clients.

The most complete is the Smart Client and runs on Windows.


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