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Some of the flavors are so nasty that I can’t even finish half the bar, while some of them are pretty good.

To put things into perspective, with the exception of the aforementioned Cherry Pie flavor, I prefer EVERY Larabar to any Clif Bar.

I love this article because it exposes an unhealthy food and simultaneously unveils the health benefits of an extremely similar alternative. In our rapidly changing, fast-paced world, supplements, bars, and other meal replacements are absolutely key to the 5 meals/day lifestyle.

Clif Bar’s blend of sugar, complex carbs, and protein forms a great combination before, after, or during exercise.For only 190 calories Larabars are incredibly filling, nutrition, and keep blood sugar levels stabile.Although Clif Bars try to be a health food, realistically they’re closer to a candy bar with a health kick.The flavors are all based on foods that have nuts, fruit, or spices. The one thing I really like about Clif Bars is that they have really unique and inventive flavors.Some of the flavors include: Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch, Cool Mint Chocolate, Iced Gingerbread, Maple Nut, and Cranberry Apple Cherry.In the spirit of Men’s Health, Lean It UP is going to start its very own “Eat This, Not That! The key is to find meal reps that are truly good for you.


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