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Much like the pegs in a music box cylinder activate the notes, in a drum sequencer, as the drum of the sequencer spins, the pegs run across switches activating machine processes.

The placement of the pegs along the length of the cylinder determine which switch along the length of the drum it will activate.

Indentations or protrusions on the cams operate the switches at different times.

By arrangement of the cams and switches, complex sequences of opening and closing switches can be made.

For intermediate temperatures, the cam mechanism uses the stop and wait method to heat to the nearest temp below the one desired, then uses only fixed timing of the heating element to increase the water to the desired temperature.

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A programmer may change or rearrange (reprogram) peg or cam positions.They are gradually being superseded by microprocessor-controlled systems, which have greater versatility, and thus can more easily respond to various feedback.Another example is the usage in electro mechanical pinball machines, where the Cam timer is also known as a 'Score Motor' The most basic type of cam timer rotates continually, which is not suitable when needing to wait for events that occur at variable times.100% Free omegle sex roulette for everyone that likes chatsex.A cam timer or drum sequencer is an electromechanical system for controlling a sequence of events automatically.The timer sequence switches the cam motor off, and the motor is started again by the signal from the thermostat when the required temperature is reached.


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