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I don't know how to proposed, but I managed to slept with 6 ladies, 1 with condom, I gave her R170; 4 without condom, I gave them R450 each, I gave 1 lady R600 for blow job & sex.thanks ladies after spending 4 month not having u still there u want to have sex with me plz show up by smsing, calling or even plz call me or watsapp I will attention to u.& I will give u money as contact no is on a previous message next to this one under money money money. ladies only plz guys Reply to Money money money | 3 comments (hide) Hi mmm kena kwae ekgolo ke rata go kota bo Mme baba tona keba kwese polo yaka ekgolo emonate bo Mme ba free state leba gauteng wtsp me 0712220858 Reply to ben10 ya lerete lele kima | 1 comment (hide) MY HIV DISEASE TESTIMONIES Hello Everyone, my names is PAULINA BENARAD , i m from Ghnana .

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Ke batla mosadi wa nnyo ya malebe hle watseba ke a sware ka meno ke a latswe ke momone go fihlela a rota.

Ha ke e ja stuff, ke le hodimo kwana mankalankaleng, ke na le tlwaelo ya ho mo rohaka KA NTHO EFE KAPA EFE, LE MANG KAPA MANG - e nketsa hore ke futhumale ho feta - e nturna on serious. Reply to Anonymous | 2 comments (hide) I like ladies with big pussy with clitoris and with beautiful bums and tall ones with sexy mouth and who love sex. I love standing breasts and nice thighs and just Whats App me zero seven three one one one seven two zero.

Ke batla monna a 30 -40, atlo nkota hurray..a qale ka ho nyanya matsoele aka, a mmete le ho nnyeka molala...a theohe a nyanye maloebe aka le clit..u kota doggy style...a kote rough be ke utloe lerete le nshapa....

Reply to ke ra polo Nna ke batla any girl o nang le marago a makima le dicurves tse kima. Ha e le metsi, ke kote motho a pote a re o nrata ho feta monna wa hae.

Leha monna wa hae a le teng a nna ikutswe a mphe haholo.


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