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Some say the mark of an artistic genius is the simple things that are said about them that ring true and stand the test of time.Such can be said for Jeff Beck summed up most recently by two diverse associations in Jeff Becks career, the fleeting passing of ships in the night with Herbie Hancock and the person that for the past dozen or so years that he has spent the most working time with, Jeffs guitar and sound maestro Steve Prior.The band retreated into the oversized green room to a feast of edible delights including Tylers favorite Coconut Juice.The band had arrived the day before in my town of Lauderdale by the Sea as a neighbors daughter is an executive for a beachside small resort Little Inn and put the boys up for a couple of days."Jeffs Strat was feeding back almost uncontrollably.

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As Jeff has done so much over the years - and we wanted to honour that body of work as much as possible - 500 pages seemed just about the right length.

Finally there were several band game interludes that were heartily chimed in by the rest of the group.

Caleb Crosby gave a solo in your face in the middle of the audience from a single drum, drum supports, and the wooden Villa 221 floor!

Jeff took that from people like Les Paul, Scotty Moore, and Cliff Gallup , and transformed it into the little chirps and sounds we fans commonly refer to as Beckisms.

Sure theres always the place for the fastest gunslinger in the west.


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