Dating violence crossword with answers

Like Theresa May with her husband, I insist it’s Ben’s job, while he says we should take turns.’BEN SAYS:'Sex has always been a very important part of our relationship though, to put it bluntly, we’ve gone from making love twice a day to once every two days over the years.

We’ve faced some challenges— I had a furniture shop which I had to close three years ago because it wasn’t making enough profit — but we’re very resourceful and I started taxi driving to bring in some extra income.'Julie also had a breast cancer scare, which thankfully turned out to be benign, a few years ago.

I guess, once we have children, we’ll have a bit less time for these things.

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These days we’re much more laid back and will only bicker a couple of times a month — usually about whose turn it is to put the bins out.

We married within 18 months of getting together and in the early days had quite a volatile relationship.

Most of the rows were started by me: I was determined never to be told what to do by a man again.

Alice might disguise the message in such a way that Eve will think it's a relatively innocent item, such as an advertisement (Wikipedia lists this technique as "Steganography"), worded so that everyone but Bob will misinterpret the meaning, or simply make the message so hard to decode that only Bob could do it. Compare/contrast Sarcastic Confession, Hidden in Plain Sight, Overt Rendezvous.

KAYLIE SAYS: Ben and I lived together for four years before our wedding.


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