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I think it's useful to look at these reasons and understand which ones are legitimate, healthy factors in one's sexuality. I think it's a part of human nature to appreciate big dicks (and breasts/asses, for that matter).We associate a big cock with strength, dominance, and fertility.All of these things are important for that evolutionary, tribal mindset that all human beings still have.I know that black guys having big dicks is a stereotype, but it is also based in fact.In the end, I decided to taper off of porn and continue fucking black guys in real life if I felt like it.At present, I'm still turned on by black cock but almost never watch porn.

It was hot to see his huge, dark cock rubbing up against mine.That's all for now - please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments. Sometimes, I take a deep breath when confronted with the wonder of a coloured man, whether he be caramel or dark chocolate coloured.I feel that God has given them a special gift in the colour of their skin, and I feel envious that I have this pale skin, with recurring skin cancer (More melanin, please).I think it's important for men to get over any insecurities about their penis size and not let that affect their sexual identity.By the way, there is absolutely such a thing as too big.For many years, Brazzers has been at the top of the food chain when it comes to providing viewers with the ultimate porn experience.


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