Kandi dating willis mcgahee

You know it happened but it's my way of coping to just keep moving. BURRUSS: No, AJ and I had broken up before the season even aired last year.So what you saw was really five months old, but the girls were still living with me. It's still kind of a touchy subject but I still participate in their lives.ESSENCE.com: October marks the first anniversary of AJ's death, how are you dealing with the loss? Of course when I sit and think about it, it makes me sad and I don't like to keep talking about it because that makes me emotional.I think I deal with death differently than most people.And it's the same honesty that she hopes to bring to her new album "Kandi Koated" (out Dec. She spoke with about everything "RHo A" related, working on "Kandi Koated," dating Willis Mac Gahee and her thoughts on Tiny and T. ESSENCE.com: You recently mentioned that you wanted Kim to come along for a few promotional stops for your new album. KANDI BURRUSS: Yes, we already did it and you'll see it on the show. That's why we brought in people like Ne-Yo to do a record, Brian Michael Cox, Jazzy Pha, we came up with hot records together. It's always sad when two young African-American people are doing well for themselves and have something like that happen and it be all out in the public.

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"It's when a person who got a little hood in them and they trying to be all extra," Burruss recently explained to us during a visit to the ESSENCE office.

You see where I have to jump in between Ne Ne and Kim on our tour bus. ESSENCE.com: Did you get paid for "Tardy for the Party? That was for the publishing, but Vito already discussed with her that I wasn't charging an up-front fee... If my group, Xscape, was still together it would be something that we would do now. They're going to stand by each other, let these couple months past and they'll be okay.

so I said how about we split the royalties three ways and she was cool with it. Then I saw her a couple days later and she was like "I was so upset the other day, I didn't know what to do with myself. The ghetto part was the roses in her hair, the rhinestones on her eyelashes... It's when a person who got a little hood in them and they trying to be all extra. It's real R& B, it still got the records with the 808 in it, you got those real strong ballads and you got some laid back records. He got a bad wrap on the internet, but honestly he's a great person and he's cute! We'll be live tweeting "Real Housewives of Atlanta" tonight at 9pm. For more of the "Real Housewives" drama you love, click here.

One week prior to his passing, AJ decided they should go back to stay with their mom. ESSENCE.com: You teared up on the "Housewives" reunion show, was it all too much?

BURRUSS: They showed me break down crying because Andy Cohen kept asking me about it again and again.


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