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America has been engaged in a war in the Middle East for over a decade, and as much as the left denies it, our enemies' cultures are vastly inferior to that of the West.Simply taking a look at how women are treated would clear this up.Citizens of the United States are not granted freedom by their country.

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Thus, if a woman would like to serve her country in any role at all, and is capable, she can.Here are the top six reasons, in no particular order, why women shouldn’t register for Selective Service: 1.This will create a weaker military where both servicemen and servicewomen pay the price in precious blood, because YES, women are different than men physically. Since women are now allowed in combat and such endorsements were made, the issue has made its way to the forefront in the media, even rearing its head in the latest Republican Presidential debate. military leaders voiced their support for women registering for Selective Service at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.As mentioned before, combat roles are already open to women, but of course, if women registered for Selective Service and a draft was in fact implemented, the number of females on the military front lines could skyrocket (currently women only comprise about 14 percent of the military overall).


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