Dating a rickenbacker

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This example has a deep, unfaded version of Rickenbacker’s most popular color—fireglo. The current value for one in excellent all-original condition is ,000.

The exact model name of the amp behind the guitar is unknown to us.

Rickenbacker’s innovative tuner arrangement allows for a smaller headstock and also reduces tuning confusion—tuners for the six standard strings are mounted on the side of the headstock, while the tuners for the octave and doubled top strings are mounted on the back.

RIGHT: The rear-mounted tuners for the doubled top and octave strings.

It resembles the description in the 1957 Rickenbacker catalog of a Model M-11A.

It is equipped with tremolo and a Jensen 12" speaker dating to 1968. Dave’s Guitar Shop Dave Rogers’ collection is tended by Laun Braithwaite and Tim Mullally and is on display at: Dave’s Guitar Shop 1227 Third Street South La Crosse, WI 54601 Photos by Mullally and text by Braithwaite.

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Standard camouflage of topside Olive Green and Grey underside. Standard camouflage of the underside in RLM76 and top surface in RLM81 and 82. Werke Numer are not painted on verticals, as usual and swastika is white outline.

On the nose is the badge of stork in flight, maybe the oldest fighter unit insignia in the world still in use. Corsair flown by Marine captain Joe Foss, Guadalcanal, March 1944.

Plane is very interesting that it lacks any unit insignia or markings, just national insignia. Tri-color scheme of Sea Blue, Intermediate Blue and White. This late war version of famous dive bomber saw little combat in the late week's of WW II.

Large insignia on the tail surfaces denotes the unit. The plane is J-20 Kraguj, Yugoslav project of guerrila's warplanes, dedicated to operated in field conditions behind enemy lines.

Here is a prototype in the standard colors of Forest Green and Sea Grey on topside and Peacock Blue on the underside.


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