Dating girls sri lanka

Sujan*, a designer and artist currently engaged in a poly-amarous relationship, occasionally takes to Tinder to expand his horizons, so to speak.

He and his steady girlfriend Sarah* (both of whom are reasonably attractive people) have hit a dry-spell of sorts on the online dating front lately and are at a loss as to why.“What tends to happen is…

A handy feature to keep the creepy stalkers at bay, as most female users will readily agree. According to Tinder, by the end of last year, the app had been registering over one billion daily swipes, producing over 12 million matches every day, with the average user spending over one-and-a-half hours on the app ; but Sri Lankan society being what it is, at least anecdotally (unfortunately, stats specific to Sri Lanka proved difficult to obtain), few matches go beyond exchanging phone numbers.

, one of the fastest growing players (heh) in the global dating scene, is not exactly huge in this country.

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there aren’t many matches to start with, or many people to swipe on.

Occasionally there’ll be a match, maybe two, and there’ll be some talk, but it never gets to a meeting. As with any other social network, self-proclaimed “Nice Guys” on Tinder, it seems, are dime a dozen. If you are in control, and know what you want, nothing is bad for you,” she says.“I’m on Tinder to meet new people – people out of my circle.


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