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Once it was on my nails, I couldn't stop looking at them!The application is smooth, and the polish is completely opaque in two coats.It's such a striking shade of grey with just a hint of purple.I have several shades of Essie now, but Chinchilly is always a go-to choice.Come and enjoy this creative space that serves as a gallery, shop, workshop space and development lab!

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I treat my nails with Essie Millionails and always admire the variety of colors Essie offers, which has kept me from actually purchasing a color....

Be sure to check out our gallery featuring stunning shows from analogue photographers and lomographers from around the globe.

Looking forward to meeting you at Lomography Embassy Gijón!

Lomography cameras & accessories, workshops, camera repair & film development services, tons of film… Our store is a small but cozy space where you can find Lomography products and objects from designers all around the world.

Pass by to say hello, to talk about how beautiful Colombia is, complain about the weather or the traffic, or talk about analogue photography; once in the store you will probably just enjoy the moment.


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