Validating a tax id Penpals flirts

Google periodically verifies publisher tax information with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

During these reviews, the IRS may notify us that the tax information in your account is inaccurate or out of date.

That means you will be unable to access any e-Services' tools and resources.

While the IRS' snail mailed letter seeking some taxpayers to validate their identities is legitimate, Uncle Sam realizes that any unexpected contact, even from the official tax man, about personal data is disconcerting.

Some folks will be getting real letters from the IRS asking them to validate the IDs they use to access online tax services.

If you can't prove who you say you are during this call-in process, you'll get instructions from the Help Desk on how to visit a Taxpayer Assistance Center to verify your identity in person.

Remember, do not call the e-Help Desk unless you receive a letter or your account is suspended.

It contains a unique code that you must provide to the Help Desk representative.

You'll also have to answer a series of identity-proofing questions to authenticate your identity.


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