Gag gifts dating teenage girls

and acting like she should, just because they want her to.

Sure, it sucks when you treat someone well and they don't have those feelings for you. Sure, some girls fall for guys who don't treat them nicely.

They love to say things like, "I just don't know why girls don't like me. In fact, I don't think he said anything about me, except to note that I "seemed like one of the rare good girls in the world." Aw. Because I was ready to stab myself with my butter knife.

Then they complain and wonder why they can’t find a good guy.A "nice" guy who is really a jerk will try to make your life revolve around him.He's probably a little controlling, and maybe really jealous.How many times have you seen a status like that one?How many times have you heard a guy whine about how he’s “so nice,” before he goes off into a long rant about everything that is wrong with the female population these days?I no longer want my MTV.(reference to the lyrics of the Dire Straits song Money for Nothing (song), and a possible jab at MTV's declining quality due to lack of music videos and music-related programming) Guinea pigs should not be used as "Guinea Pigs".(on Hulu, it's "It's Kristen Schaal, not Kristen Schall.", which references to the said guest star's name being incorrectly spelled in the end credits in the previous episode) I will not concede the election till Karl Rove gives me permission.(reference to Rove's panicked appearance on Fox News Channel's preceding election night coverage following the re-election of President Obama) Spoiler Alert: Unfortunately, my dad doesn't die.(reference to the controversy of the marketing for the episode, where it implied that a major character in the show would die in the premiere, with some spotlights implying that Homer would die, when it was instead Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky who dies) no gag (but during the episode, Bart starts writing "I will not" before the chalkboard is taken away and replaced with an electronic one.


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