Updating firmware onkyo receiver introverts hate dating

This is not a minimum resolution; it's the only acceptable resolution.I know this seems counterintuitive, but it's the reality.Sound While all the features found in receivers like this are really fun, the most important thing is still the sound reproduction.I installed this unit to replace an entry level unit with half the power (at best), coupled with a very large powered subwoofer that generally outpowered the other 5 channels.

This is a high quality amplifier that not only sounds great, but is very efficient.That's an app problem, though, and that will be detailed in a different review. Though figuring out what to do in initial setup regarding firmware and upscaling is a pain, it is not a persistent problem; once you're rolling, you're rolling. Always thought Onkyo was an upscale manufacturer of audio components and wanted the best.Receiver worked fine for just short of the 2 year warranty, then lost the audio..Onkyo repaired this problem and worked fine for another 8 months when the HDMI Video part failed.Onkyo techs seems "puzzled" that this would happen, but were quick to point out that the warranty period had expired (was 7 months beyond the 2 yr warranty) and there was nothing they could do.I also pointed out that I thought I was purchasing a quality product from a trusted manufacturer and was hoping that they would just make the repair and keep me a happy customer in spite that this receiver had 2 major issues in such a short period of time... Said they would take the unit back and for 1 (plus shipping for both receivers) would send me a refurbished unit. Guess I'll go back to Yamaha, at least they build a better product !!


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