Ancient dating systems

The level of artistic sophistication and detail are stunning -- the more so because the piece itself is so small and the level of detail is so incredibly high.

The large Grave Creek Mound proved to be an irresistible attraction to early antiquarians and curiosity seekers.

Available from: The Water Supply and Distribution System of the Nabataean City of Petra (Jordan) – Cambridge Archaeological Journal.The first records of the Nabataeans show that they lived in Edomite territory, although there is some dispute as to how and when the Nabataeans arrived there – some believe that they lived alongside the Edomites for hundreds of years, while others maintain that the Nabataeans migrated to the Edomite territory after the Edomites moved north.They eventually chose the site of Petra to build their city.In ancient times, one of the most important factors that civilizations had to take into consideration was the water supply.If they wanted to live any distance from a reliable source of potable water, they had to find other ways to collect water for agricultural and other purposes.A study published in March by the Nexus Network Journal suggests that the spatial position of palaces, temples, and tombs built at least 2, 300 years ago by the Nabataeans, including the famous city...


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