Dating marshall cabinet

For example, the JCM900 was released in 1990 and the JCM2000 was released in 2000.

These were the second series of Marshalls equipped with a master volume, which allowed for more distortion at lower volumes.

The guy who sold it to me on craigslist was nice enough to order replacement handles as part of the deal, and I was looking forward to installing them for the past few weeks.One of the big factors here is the type of speakers inside any particular cab.When I originally decided to grab this 1960A from my pal on craigslist, the missing handle made it convenient for him to look through the hole and check the date code on the speakers without having to pop the back off.Also, many people seem to really like the 80's and early 90's G12T-75's.I must admit that I am part of this crowd, if for no other reason than the fact older speakers tend to be more broken-in.Compared to the earlier "Master Volume" series, they offered some advantages, including the possibility to be patched internally and linked with other amplifiers.


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