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It premiered in black-and-white switching to color broadcasts in the fall of 1965.At the time, Kaye was at the height of his popularity.Unfortunately, Proteus becomes infatuated with Silvia upon first sight, forgetting all about Julia, and plans to betray his friend and his love to win Silvia for himself.

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The program was titled to reflect Mc Cain's use of a modified Winchester rifle.

The added episodes are: 12/12/17 - Today I added fifteen episodes to The Danny Kaye Show library.

The Danny Kaye Show was an American variety show, hosted by the stage and screen star Danny Kaye.

There are now search engines like the one above installed on the Front Door Page and the Main Library Page to make finding your favorite shows easier.

12/16/17 - Today I added the nineteen remaining available episodes to Season 7 of the Perry Mason Library.


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