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He said he tried to reach for the knife in his pocket but couldn't grasp it.

As the fight continued and he was on the ground, he reached for a two-shot Derringer pistol in his back pocket and fired it at a Cossack.

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They're also surprisingly versatile, since Badass Bikers can be heroes or anti-heroes, or, in gangs, they can be villains or mooks. A Badass Biker who is a thug or gang member usually fits into All Bikers Are Hells Angels as well.Biker gangs are a small but violent criminal force in the U.S., with some 44,000 members or associates of a handful of 'outlaw' gangs, according to a 2015 FBI report.Christopher 'Jake' Carrizal, the president of the Bandidos' Dallas chapter, breathed a sigh of relief and walked free from a Waco, Texas courtroom on Friday after 14 hours of jury deliberation.Carrizal had testified that a rival biker club, the Cossacks, provoked the May 17, 2015, brawl and gunfight at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco that left nine bikers dead.P' told the other jurors he had prior experience with the Cossacks and would not change his mind because of it.


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